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Elsflether Werft

With our name, for decades we guarantee quality, Know-how and experience in the field of boot repair and modification. Numerous famous boots have already been either repaired by us or renovated for further uses.

Amongst our regular customers is the famous sailing ship "Gorch Fock", from the German navy. From 2000 to 2008, the sailing ship paid five visits to the Elsflether Werft - evidence of our competent activities of highest quality.

Apart from the experience in the modification and maintenance of traditional sailing ships such as the SSS "Gorch Fock", our dockyard specialists primarily repair passenger sailing ships and merchant and inland water ships and ocean transport.

We daily carry out our orders with heart and soul, conscience, flexibility and, above all, our many years of acquired knowledge. An additional benefit and guarantee for diligent work, which our customers appreciate. It is not surprising that many well-known clients are amongst our customers and place trust in our valued services.

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